Physical Changes to Expect after Giving Birth

Many women neglect to inform themselves of all of what they will experience physically after they have given birth to a child. They expect some weight loss, but there is more at play. Understanding what can occur may help them determine when and if they are interested in having a mommy makeover.

Body Changes Postpartum

  • Your uterus will shrink – it is estimated that the uterus is 15 times larger at the time of childbirth than it was before conception. After the baby and placenta are delivered it must shrink again. A new mom will experience something similar to contractions while it shrinks. It typically takes at least a week for it to get back to its normal size inside the pelvis. As a result, women should expect they may look pregnant for a while as it also prevents the abdominal muscles from tightening into place against despite any efforts.
  • You will lose some weight – even without any physical activity, some weight will be lost. On average, new moms lose 12 lbs at the time of delivery. An additional 4 lbs of water weight are also usually lost in the first couple of days.
  • You will experience mood swings – mood swings are common after pregnancy and that may impact your perceptions about your body and your overall feelings about yourself. Often, mood swings are attributed to hormones. It is important not to make a major decision when mood swings are occurring.

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