Plan Now To Be Bikini Ready By Summer

Although breast augmentation is a relatively quick procedure, complete healing can take some time. For women hoping to show off their new curves during bikini season, it is best to have the procedure completed in the winter, so scars have time to heal and the implants can settle.

Here are a few steps breast augmentation patients should plan on taking to be ready for summer.

  • Set aside a few days for recovery: Though most patients return home on the same day as their breast augmentation, a recovery period is still necessary to allow the body to heal. Most patients can return to work and other daily activities one week after the procedure.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects: Since breast augmentation is an invasive procedure, it affects tissues in the breast including the muscles used for lifting. It is important that patients to avoid lifting heavy objects for six to eight weeks after the procedure.
  • Treat scars for minimal visibility: One of the goals of a plastic surgeon is to leave patients with minimal and inconspicuous scarring. However, the procedure will leave at least some degree of scarring. There are a number of topical treatments available to help scars heal quicker and become less visible.
  • Wait to purchase a new bikini: When an implant is inserted into the breast, it takes several months for the silicone gel or saline pack to settle into place within the breast tissue. Until the implants have settled, the breasts will be changing slightly in shape, making it unwise to purchase a new bikini to show off the enhancement. Once settled, the implants should hold shape for years to come and patients can confidently begin purchasing well-fitted clothing like bikinis.

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