When is it the Right Time for Breast Reduction?

Many women with overly large breasts that cause neck and back pain turn to breast reduction surgery. This procedure is a viable option for many women that suffer greatly from pain, and have lost the ability to be physically active because of their breasts. However, many women are unsure of how breast reduction will affect them in the future, and when is the best time to undergo the procedure. To follow is a few answers to questions surrounding breast reduction and how it can change the lives of women looking to improve their lifestyle and confidence!

When should breast reduction be considered?

If your breasts are disproportionately larger than the rest of your body and cause neck and back pain, breast reduction is a great option to explore! Some women with overly large breasts have over-stretched areolas and their nipples face downward, both of which can also be corrected by this procedure. Breast reduction can also fix asymmetry in breasts where one is larger than the other.

How old do you have to be to have a breast reduction?

There is no specific age requirement for breast reduction, however, it is imperative that breasts have stopped growing before undergoing the procedure. It is appropriate to perform breast reduction in teens, as well as the elderly. Patients should have realistic expectations for what this procedure can achieve for their individual body.

Will I be able to breastfeed if I undergo breast reduction?

Most patients are able to breast feed later in life after a breast reduction, however, there is a risk that some individuals may not be able to. If an individual finds that risk to be too great, she may consider waiting until after pregnancy to have the reduction surgery. However, if an individual’s breasts are causing pain prior to pregnancy, the size and related pain will only increase during pregnancy.

Should I quit smoking before my procedure?

Yes! In fact, most plastic surgeons will not perform breast reduction surgery on a patient who smokes. Smoking can cause blood clots, and severely disrupt the healing process from surgery, in addition to being an overall health risk. If you are interested in breast reduction, and are a current smoker, ask your plastic surgeon for information on successfully quitting.

Breast Reduction on Long Island

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